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Sukkot, Abigail

Today Abigail was the foremother who visited my virtual sukkah. Abigail is associated with the sephira Hod on the Tree of Life. Hod is the sphere of communication on the Tree. 


Abigail was the wife of Abal, a clever bargainer and uses witty means to protect herself and her family. Nabal does not want to give a reward to David, who protected his sheep. David –who will become king in the future- sets out to kill Nabal, and with him his whole family. Abigail, who knows her husband will never give in -he shall never budge- goes to David without her husband knowing, and gives him his presents. Saving David for shedding blood is the excuse she uses: “Take my presents, killing is not good really if you want to become a king”, she says, clever and wise, while she throws herself to his feet and explains who she is. David accepts her presents, and goes home, without killing her family. Later on she will marry David. 


What is it that Abigail can teach me today? Abigail is smart and wise and although she belongs to the acts almost in a manipulative way in the communication. She cannot tell her husband that she brings the presents to David, he would not have it. There is no other way she can do it than do it in secret. She cannot act and communicate straightforward. And her words to David -that he should not kill people before he is crowned king- is a good excuse for David, but is not truthful, the words have political edge to it; the real reason is that she wants to save her life. I have pulled the Devil as what Abigail can teach me. 


Deep down I resent what Abigail does, thinking it is not honest, not straightforward. Perhaps I am a little afraid of her as well. I am not as clever as she is, I will never win a fight with her and I fear I will be manipulated by her discovering it afterwards. She makes me feel powerless. I know now that I have a manipulative side as well, and of course I have had it all my life, but it was not until recently I discovered it and became aware of how and where I use it. I think Abigail accentuates and stresses with this strong card that that I really have this manipulative side. I am not innocent. 
Tags: devil, foremothers, spread: biblical foremothers, sukkot 2007, tarot of prague

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