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Sukkot, Hulda

Today foremother Hulda came visiting my virtual sukkah. Her picture hangs on my virtual Sukkah-wall.


Hulda is a prophetess and is associated with the virtue discrimination and the sephira Yesod (Foundation) on the Tree of Life. 


All week I feared the card that I just. It is the Ten of Wands. I was utterly surprised at drawing the World and Three of Pentacles earlier this week. I sincerely doubted my optimistic interpretations of these cards, because I am too busy and I can feel it. I am snappy and tired and probably I should look at these cards again looking for other interpretations. 


Hulda is a prophetess, bringing the message of God. She told King Josia, who had found a book, probably the Torah (according to Rashi) or Deuteronomy (according to modern scholars) that he would die in peace -because he had found the book, and lived according to its message- but after his death the nation would be destroyed. 

So, what is it that Hulda teaches me? 

The card shows a wooden puppet, carrying a bundle of sticks. He is rigidly walking forward with all his, just like me. “Try to lighten your load” writes Karen Mahony about this card in the book alongside the deck, “mentally as well in practical terms”. I can apply “try to lighten your load mentally” very well to my situation, if I bring back my fear I had for pulling this card. it also fits nicely in with Yesod, the illusionary moon-sphere of the tree Hulda belongs to. A sentence as the following comes to mind: “Do not worry too much, discriminate between illusion and reality, your fear is (totally, a part, or a bit) Halloweeny illusionary: you can handle it.” This sentence represents the way I looked at the World Card that I pulled a few days ago.

I do not know though if an interpretation restricted to the mental side of things fits Hulda. 
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