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The Five of Swords

People keep on pulling the Five of Swords; time after time again. Today I thought to ask why that is. I used the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot to give me an answer and I have pulled the Page of Swords. 


Often I see the Page as Swords as someone who needs to learn by experience, just do the what is needed or longed for, without knowing exactly beforehand how to do it. I think that is what is happening now. I see this card all the time and hear all these different stories about it and sometimes I interpret the card myself, if the meaning is not clear. So, the range of meanings grow, but slowly, because the stories that belong to the card are often confusing – the card is confusing.

The Five of Swords will be saying something about my life right now as well. Something that I need to experience to understand it. But I do not know what.  
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