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The Message of the Robin

The feathers of the willow
Are half of them grown yellow
Above the swelling of the stream.
And ragged are the bushes,
And rusty are the rushes,
And wild the clouded gleam.
The thistle now is older,
His stalk begins to moulder,              
His head is white as snow.
The branches all are barer,
The linnet’s song is rarer,
The robin pipeth now.
          Richard Watson Dixon

Nature is changing. The leaves are falling, all is preparing for the dark winter. The robin heralds the coming of the winter in this song. I wonder what message the robin has for me right now. I picked the Tarot of Prague as my deck to use from a mix of deck-titles. The card that I pulled was the Star. 


The message of the robin to me is to find hope and renewal. I am still not well. Nothing serious, not more than a cold, but it has had a tremendous effect on my feeling of well being. Suddenly all becomes too much, leaving me feeling worn out. So I am in need of hope and renewal at this moment, amidst of the coloring leaves and the beautiful weather. And I pray that hope is the message of the coming winter. 
Tags: autumn, star, tarot of prague

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