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Today I chose two tarot-cards instead of pulling them; I bought a new beautiful deck,The Golden Tarot of Klimt, and I want to keep the cards in their right order. Choosing cards can give many insights. It sharpens the senses about an issue.

Today the lovely Sophie from Groningen did all sorts of wonderful things for my arms. She copied lots of paintings as well from the internet for me to use in my blog. And then she showed me how to install Incredimail. I learned a lot. I chose The Moon for what she did for my arms. 


It has never been a topic in my blog until now, but every day I miss the preparation for my lessons on the Major Arcana, I worked on for the last two and half year. I do not miss the writing so much, or the structure in my day (yet), but the magazines I used. When I browse through the magazines in the supermarket it is still my reflex to think: "Can I use this article in one of my lessons or that one?" And then I remember suddenly that I do not need them anymore, that it is all over and done. Then I am sad. The card I choose to depict this is 5 of pentacles. It is picturing me, looking at the magazines, but not needing them. 

Tags: choosing cards, five of pentacles, moon, tarot of klimt

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