ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Birthday Lauren (Day 3), Ghost Hunt

Yesterday (until this morning) was the third day of the birthday celebration of our daugther who turned eleven. It ended with a pyama party for her friends. Highlight was a ghost hunt. The children went out in Heerenveen by night with assignments. The hunt started in the church. They had to walk through the church towards a candle, the only light in the church. After that they had to put out the candle. Poor kids blew out the candle before they had found the doors where they had to go out. They screamed like hell.

A minute later I had to find Coen in the same dark church to go after them. That was spooky. I did not dare to go in, and went round the church, through an alley (also dark, but less scary).

Another scary thing involved a scarecrow tied to a pole of a goal. And us, being on the phone, while they were on a deserted place to tell them what to do (in spooky voices of course).

It was very exciting to go after them, taking care not to be seen, running and hiding.

I will not easily forget this party, which is maybe the last one.
Tags: birthday, lauren

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