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Moving Books

Today I went through all the books at the attic where a part of our library is situated to seek out all my Wicca and art books. I have put them in our bedroom this afternoon. It is not an ideal place, books are stuffy and my husband is asthmatic, but we have no room anymore at the attic. We sell our old books secondhand on the internet, but it takes years before they are sold (if at all). I would not like sleeping next to astrology, Derrida, theology or tarot, but art and Wicca are peaceful enough.

I have been delving mainly into Christian themes lately and roaming through my Wiccan books made me wonder: what meaning has Wicca for me at this time of my life? The card I received was Ten of Coins. 


On the card an old man looks at a Tree of Life, made from coins. In the Tree is an image of a life-giving fountain. I like the fountain and I like the coins and the ordering of them as a tree; they give me a feeling of safeness and stability. But I also see that the gazing man has a distance to the Tree and the fountain. That illustrates my relation to Wicca. I see the value and I love celebrating the Wheel of the Year (here the order of the coins comes into play) and I wish I had made a workshop of each festival, but there is a distance between me and Wicca. 
Tags: goddess, ma'at tarot, ten of pentacles

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