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Shadow Spread

Tarot and dreams, quite challenging. This fall I teach a course on it. Today I've wielded my sword: the too big and too heavy sword from a Page of Swords, my Card of the Day. But I could handle it. 


This afternoon I had an appointment with my co-teacher, a transpersonal therapist. Before she came I had to create a "Jungian Shadow Spread". I had very little time to think about the positions in the spread. I just wrote them down with the use of: Christine Jette's "The Fullness of Shadow Work": Very helpful.

I even had some time left to try the spread out on myself! It worked! (Not yet finished thinking about my cards though, they gave me lots of new ideas.

Oh yes...I have a plan for my Judgement Card lesson. Something different.
So, new ideas today for me, as it should be for a Page of Swords!
Tags: gilded tarot, page of swords

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