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Pumpkin Spread, Card 4: Drawing Healty Boundaries

I just finished creating a spread for All Souls to put on my website; that really helped me to come to my senses, and myself again. Yesterday and today I worked fanatically on a layout for the material to go with the workshop “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. It was much more work than I thought. Not so much that it is not ready now, so I cannot complain, but my arms hurt… and if I had not worked fanatically, they would not have. That is because I have a feeling of haste; a feeling of having a heavy workload. But I think I have done a lot of it now.

Today I have read the Card 4 of the Pumpkin Spread based on the flesh that is to be removed from the pumpkin. The flesh symbolizes the obstacles that are in the way of letting me grow. 

1. Cutting out and removing the lid: What you need to temporary lift to enable you to see yourself clearer?
2. Scooping out the pumpkin: What you need to work hard on or work through?
3. The seeds you reveal: How you can grow? Your potential?
4. The flesh you remove: The obstacles in the way to let you grow?
5. The hollow: You darker self. What is within you that remains unseen?
6. The carving: What you need to pay attention to?
7. The candle: How you can best shine? Your postives? How to reveal your darker self?
8. Replacing the lid: How you will feel more content? The improvement you will notice?
9. Placing the pumpkin in the window: How others will see you and respond?


Again I have drawn the Tarot of Prague to work with and the card that I have pulled is: The Emperor. I am not happy with him. The obstacle that prevents my growth is drawing healthy boundaries. These involve my work and some of my relationships. 

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