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Pumpkin Spread, a Bit of Scooping

I am doing a Pumpkin Spread These are the positions. 

1. Cutting out and removing the lid: What you need to temporary lift to enable you to see yourself clearer?
2. Scooping out the pumpkin: What you need to work hard on or work through?
3. The seeds you reveal: How you can grow? Your potential?
4. The flesh you remove: The obstacles in the way to let you grow?
5. The hollow: You darker self. What is within you that remains unseen?
6. The carving: What you need to pay attention to?
7. The candle: How you can best shine? Your postives? How to reveal your darker self?
8. Replacing the lid: How you will feel more content? The improvement you will notice?
9. Placing the pumpkin in the window: How others will see you and respond?


I was not happy pulling the Emperor yesterday as Card 4, the obstacle for my growth. But then again… would not it be lovely not needing work that much? I wonder though…the noises in my ear make relaxation difficult. 

I am still struggling with Card 3, “The seeds you reveal”. I’ve drawn Ace of Cups as an answer to that question. I see the card now as self-love; letting go, not worrying too much; in fact as the self-renewal of the Star that I pulled a while ago.The other cards show my difficulties with these themes.

Card 1, which showed what I had to lift temporary, was the Queen of Swords. I need to let go of my head, my intellect. Card 4, my obstacle, the Emperor, is telling me the same, The Emperor is very rational as well (especially this version of the Emperor is). 


Card 2, which showed what I need to work on is having trust in the sacred, thus ‘letting go’ in a way. 


Free flow (of feelings) of the Ace is hard with all the surrounding rational obstacle cards. Tomorrow I’ll pull the next one.   
Tags: ace of cups, emperor, fantastic menagerie tarot, five of pentacles, halloween, ma'at tarot, queen of swords, spread: pumpkin, tarot of prague

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