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Pumpkin Spread, Card 6: A Shift of Attention

I am doing a Pumpkin Spread These are the positions. 

1. Cutting out and removing the lid: What you need to temporary lift to enable you to see yourself clearer?
2. Scooping out the pumpkin: What you need to work hard on or work through?
3. The seeds you reveal: How you can grow? Your potential?
4. The flesh you remove: The obstacles in the way to let you grow?
5. The hollow: You darker self. What is within you that remains unseen?
6. The carving: What you need to pay attention to?
7. The candle: How you can best shine? Your postives? How to reveal your darker self?
8. Replacing the lid: How you will feel more content? The improvement you will notice?
9. Placing the pumpkin in the window: How others will see you and respond? 


Back on earth after the shock of pulling the religious themed Three of Swords, I have an additional interpretation of this card. 


I pulled the Three of Swords for position 6 of the Pumpkin Spread: “What do I need to pay attention to?” 

It's message is that it is important not to pin myself down to wounds of myself and others. That would meen limiting me very much. I would sacrifice what is important to me. And the card also advises not to pay attention too much to what does not work in my life. That is sometimes hard when I read cards, because I cannot choose what I receive. Anyhow, whatever cards I pull, many things do work very well in my life and it is good to acknowledge that. 
Tags: halloween, ma'at tarot, spread: pumpkin, three of swords

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