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Samhain 2007

I did a reading to celebrate Samhain this evening from Tarot for All Seasons, a book to celebrate pagan festivals, written by Christine Jette. Two cards stood out in the spreaed. One of them is the anser to what I should release and let go. That was the Two of Swords. I used the Arthurian Tarot and in this deck the Two of Swords card is depicted as a path on which it is dangerous to walk on, because there might be snakes hidden in the grass. It is a sort feel what is there, adept and go on this path; a fearful situation. What helps me not to come to this path – in other words not to come in this situation, or what helps me to get out of this situation- is to act with self confidence, doing what I think that is needed to be done, and doing what I want, depicted by the Magician. 

Tags: arthurian tarot, magician, samhain, two of swords

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