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Swirling Wheel of Fortune

This evening I taught the Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel swirled and swirled from the start of the evening until the end. I felt my arms and legs sweeping all around; the Wheel seemed to spin almost out of control. We only saw page 1 of the study-material, a one-card-spread with the question: “You’ll meet many visions from tarot-makers on what destines our fate in this lesson, what is your vision on who or what rules your fate/destiny?” After that first question we moved immediately to the last page of the study material, on which I always put the spread of that evening. It was a spread dedicated to charms, called “Find your Lucky Charms” by Lady Lorelei, from her book called "Tarot Life Planner". No time anymore for explanation of the card after that first heavy question. The spread involved some magic, finding a magical token that helps in making you happy today. Finding a magical token was new for the students, so that was great. I love the first spread with the subject of fate, but I love the last spread just as much.
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