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Pumpkin Spread, Card 9: Response of Others

Today I have pulled Card 9 of the Pumpkin Spread. It is complicated, cards piled up and they are all relating to each other. Here are the positions.

1. Cutting out and removing the lid: What you need to temporary lift to enable you to see yourself clearer?
2. Scooping out the pumpkin: What you need to work hard on or work through?
3. The seeds you reveal: How you can grow? Your potential?
4. The flesh you remove: The obstacles in the way to let you grow?
5. The hollow: You darker self. What is within you that remains unseen?
6. The carving: What you need to pay attention to?
7. The candle: How you can best shine? Your postives? How to reveal your darker self?
8. Replacing the lid: How you will feel more content? The improvement you will notice?
9. Placing the pumpkin in the window: How others will see you and respond?


Card 9 is inspired by the action of putting the pumpkin in the window. The question is: How will others see you and respond? I’ve pulled Ace of Coins from the fantastic Menagerie Tarot as an answer to that. On the card a little child is nursed. 


I need some summing up to be able to interpret this card. The card of yesterday (Card 8) showed my improvement; it told how I should feel more content after implementation of the suggestions of the spread. Trust and going with the flow could be my improvement, illustrated by Four of Swords from the Inner Child Cards, the card that I pulled. 


I have pulled the Lovers in this spread as the answer for what remains unseen (Card 5) , and I have pulled Two of Cups as the card for how I can reveal my darker self (Card 7). Both cards are about relationships. 


Looking at my life right now, I think my husband and daughter will be happy if am working less hard. They will love it when I am a little more relaxed. 

So, building the buissness empire of the Emperor somewhat slower (I am using another take on the card here than I did earlier in the spread, but I think it is a relevant aspect) and moving towards flow of the Ace of Cups (Card 3) and the Four of Swords (Card 8) will enrich our relationships. The respond of the growth will be positive. They will see it as a gift.
Tags: ace of pentacles, arthurian tarot, fantastic menagerie tarot, four of swords, lovers, spread: pumpkin, two of cups
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