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Because it is Sunday I pulled a card from the Golden Tarot of the Tsar; a tarot inspired by Russian icons. My question was: "Who am I today?" To my surprise my card was The Hanged Man.

This afternoon I am "summerguest" in Leeuwarden, in a parish belonging to the Lutherian church. I shall tell them about tarot and God, something I like to do very much. So, why the Hanged Man? 


The card shows my fear. Although I like to do this, the event is published in two widely regional newspapers. Some christians find it devilish what I do, and me being a theologian, does not help. Having them in an audience can be nasty, and I have no control over who is coming. Now, the Hanged Man in the traditional version, must surrender to his fate. He does not have control over it. He is just ‘hanging in’ there. This is exactly how I feel about this event.

But this version of the Hanged Man is different, is not about not being in control. The man on the card, Saint Nikitas, holds a devil in his hand. He is very much in control. Thus, this particular version of the card urges me me to feel differently about the situation. It tells me to make my fear smaller, as small as the little devil in the man’s hand. It says I will be able to handle a difficult situation, as it comes up, if I am firm.

The card helps me also see the bigger perspective, another meanings of the Hanged Man.There will be other people, and an Evensong after-wards; it will be a real religious event. .

Here are some words from Saint Nikitas Stithatos:

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