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St. Martin concert

Today again the theme was St. Martin. Utrecht, a big city in the middle of our country, was in the spirit of St. Martin. There was a guided walk and there were concerts in honor of this saint. The biggest church in Utrecht with the highest tower of all churches in Holland, is dedicated to St. Martin. Therefore this saint belongs to the city. 

We were in Utrecht because my daughter sang in one of these concerts. The concert was in an beautiful old church dating from the middle ages, the Nicolai church. 


The atmosphere was beautiful and the music awesome. Little children with lanterns paraded through the church singing: “Here I walk with my lantern and my lantern walks with me”. There was a boys choir and girls, teenagers and older, sang Gregorian songs. The story of St. Martin was told, and our daughter’s choir sang the songs that belong to this feast. There was a lot of cheering and yelling; there were many parents and grandparents, uncles and aunts. My mother was there and my brother and his partner too. We could all sit close to one and other, which was a little miracle because it was packed full.

Listening to the singing my thoughts wandered too one of the readings I did last week in which the theme was singing and how it connects you to heaven, the longing to bring that to people, and the sorrow of not being able to do that. Being in that church and listening to the music I understood that with whole my heart. 
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