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Rich and Poor

Today I was in Amsterdam again for the course on Psalm 119. I was too early at La Verna, the cloister where I had to teach the class. There was still time for a coffee, but there is nothing to go to near the centre. Therefore I walked in the opposite direction of the cloister, through a tunnel under a highway to see if there was something I could go for coffee. There were huge buildings so I asked someone if there was a place where I could go. There was a coffee shop nearby. It was in the building of the World Fashion Centre Amsterdam. When I entered that place my mouth fell open and stayed open. It was so rich and luxurious; there were such expensive clothes. Walking back again to the cloister through the tunnel under the highway and further on, I realized the big difference between the two parts of the street, for the cloister is in a relatively poor suburb. This opposite between rich and poor so near to each other is in every city, but to experience it is another thing than knowing it. 

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