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Spiritual Truth in Daily Life

Walking a spiritual path, does that help with daily trials? It should, should not it? Spirituality is not meant as a world apart but is meant to be implemented in daily life. 

Today I have asked for spiritual wisdom to face my greatest daily challenge for today. 

My daily challenge came from the Jane Austen Tarot and I pulled my spiritual wisdom from the Golden Tarot of the Tsar. The cards were the same, both the 5 of Coins card. Amazing, pulling the same card for challenge and answer; a little and wise joke from the tarot. 


On 5 of Coins from the Jane Austen Tarot Mrs. Smith from Persuasion is pictured. She is in Bath because of the healing waters. She is poor and does not have a good health, but all the same she is cheerful and happy. This card alone gave me the spiritual wisdom already: do not feel sorry for yourself. Five of Coins from the Golden Tarot of the Tsar shows Job, holding his hand out for a gift. 


Instead of receiving a reward for the good life he lived, Job gets poor and sick. Job is angry, he had not expected this and experiences it as a punishment. The wisdom here is basically the same: do not feel a victim. It a common wisdom, but a spiritial truth as well.

Beforehand I hesitated pulling my second card from the Golden Tarot of the Tsar, because one does not need a religious themed tarot for a spiritual truth. By giving me the same card the tarot affirms this view, and more. Since the first card pulled for the challenge gave me the answer, it suggest that not two cards, but only one card is needed for the answer, the challenge encloses the answer already.

Inspired by Caitlín Matthews, The Celtic Spirit, Harper San Francisco, 1999. 
Tags: five of pentacles, golden tarot of the tsar, religious question, tarot of jane austen

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