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Time Keeping

I had a really interesting question to ask today inspired by St. Margaret of Scotland 1046?-1093 who became a saint, but did not starve herself or became a martyr. But I feel sick. I have taken a homeopathic remedy, that is the reason. The question was: “What is more in keeping with my nature – suffering or celebration?“ If I would pull a card right now, I know the answer already: suffering, that is for sure.

Today I finished for this year with one group. They’ll come back for another round next year so it was not sad. We calculated the year cards for the next year and I had developed a little and simple spread around it, which we tried. I was afraid it was far too simple, but it worked really well. Tomorrow I’ll try it again, with another group.

I am always attentive on speeding up with the part of talking about homework, the spreads that are done at home, the cards that are pulled The risk is that talking about these cards takes the main part of the evening. And in the end that is not satisfying. But the group of tonight became friends during the series of courses. They have a life of their own, so to speak, without me. It is getting harder and harder for me to keep the time; already for some time I do not use the alarm-clock anymore, which is usually glued to me. I just could not do it anymore. Tonight I did a meager attempt to put it back on the table again. That is to say, I said it would be back in the in the next series. “Ah well”, someone said, “We enjoy ourselves; Berthe must enjoy herself as well.” Devastating. Very funny.
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