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My Husband's Birthday


Am I this cat? 

I trip over my scarf and I cannot hold my even one of my two batons in the air today. I pulled this card with the question: "Who am I today?" Well, I am so much not this cat. It comes from the Tarot of the White Cats.

It was the birthday of my husband. Family, a friend, and a member of our parish came visiting (my husband is a vicar). One of the meanings of The World is being able to deal with complicated situations. I could not handle the complicated situations that developed during the day. At one time I felt so provoked that I got angry and showed it (that's because of the cat on the left of the card on the top; he is thinking: "Does she fall for my trap...? Yesss, she doesss, miauuuw!).

I am very tired today.

I take it this card tries to help me to see my accomplishments.
Tags: birthday, coen, tarot of white cats, world

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