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Chanukah Spread: Card 1, Chaim - Life

Today I start a Chanukkah spread, although it is too early for it. Chanukkah starts sunset December 4 and ends at the sunset of December 12 this year, but in the meantime Advent starts as well and I want to something daily for that. There just too much holidays in one year.

I like doing spreads here, but its gets often complicated to keep up with all the cards and see the connections between them –and write them down- because I only pull one card a day. The positions of this Chanukkah spread are loosely connected, so I except it is relatively easy to do.

This spread comes from the Aeclectic Tarot Forum and is created by RedMaple in 2004. The first position, the first candle, represents Ch – Chaim – Life. The question is: How do you celebrate life?

I’ll use the Tarot of Jane Austen for the spread and I have pulled the maiden of Coins (Page of Coins), represented by Charlotte Lucas from Pride and Prejudice. One of the characteristics of Charlotte is that she makes her home comfortable and satisfying to her needs. 


I celebrate life, especially in the coming season, by making a tidy, nice and cozy home, with a cared for altar, and scented oranges with cloves. It gives a feeling of joy, festiveness but also of security and stability. It is a childhood memory of festivity as well. There are not many days on which I succeed in this, but I really love it when my house is like that. During Advent I also put each week an extra candle in the window for Advent. I like that too.

I was just thinking this evening that our living room is not tidy and not cozy and that I should do something about it.                                    
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