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Chanukah Spread: Card 2, Aysh - Fire, Peeling Shrimps

Another thought on Three of Candlesticks, the card that I pulled for the fire that burns in my life in the spread for Chanukah that I am doing here. When I started practicing tarot professionally, my first assignment was reading on a fair outside in the summer. It was a lovely day; very warm and sunny. I remember that the people kept coming to my table; the list with people to read for grew longer and longer. At that time there was an add on television in which a poor and old woman peels shrimps in her livingroom with windows looking out at the sea. When she looks up, she sees five big ships coming towards her from all sides, all filled with shrimps. After that there is a shot of the woman peeling shrimps as a madman. I remember thinking of this woman on the the occasion of the summer fair. I did well, and really enjoyed doing it but the work was overwhelming. Once in a while this feeling of being overwhelmed by big-ships-filled-with-shrimps comes back. 


Yesterday I connected this card, Three of Candlesticks, Three of Wands, with my work of teaching that is fullfilling, but also with the attitude of enthusiam in my teaching, which makes me tired. The card kept nagging me because, although enthusiasm is connected to the whole suit of Candlesticks, it does not belong to the range of this particular card meanings and yet I assigned it to this card. That is caused by the ship towards William Price is looking. The ship reminds of the madwoman peeling shrimps, although I was not conciously aware of it when I looked at the card yesterday.                      
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