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Last Sunday of the Year, All Souls

Today it was the last Sunday of the year for the church. Next week when Advent starts, a new year begins. In protestant churches this last Sunday is the day on which the persons are remembered that died during the past year. In their wake, all the other loved ones that are passed away are remembered by ligthing candles. 


My husband  coen_wessel   and I realized that the idea we have about this day -and about the festival of All Souls- is changed during the years. I have done one All Souls service, ten years ago, and I remember that in my sermon I focused on loss, anger and mourning; on the separation between the dead and the living and pain that comes with that. My husband focused this morning on the connection between the dead and the living and the relationship with the dead loved ones. This afternoon I took a look at my (Dutch) spread for All Souls that I created this year, and I had the same focus as my husband, very different from my sermon ten years ago. I might be that our culture is changed towards being more at ease about living on after death. We as protestants have had for a long time a faith based on rationality. Heaven which can not be proved, did not have a place in that beliefsystem. The sermon and my spread show that belief in heaven or an afterlife is coming back. Our focus might also be changed because my husband and I have learned in our life that anger and sorrow need their places but that acceptance is important as well.  
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