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Chanukah Spread: Card 4, N'Shama - Soulbird

Today I have read the third card from the Chanukah spread. The position is called N – N’Shama – Soul-Bird. The root of this Hebrew word is n-sh-m, the same root as in nasham, “to breathe” N’Shama is the world for the soul of humans, it depicts the immortal soul and it describes a person’s spiritual presence. In this spread the N’shama, the soul is seen as a bird: a soul-bird.

The question is: What does your innermost soul-bird sing to you?

The card that I have pulled is Eight of Teacups (Cups) from the Tarot of Jane Austen. Pictured is Fanny Price from the book Mansfield Park.

Fanny is also the character for the Hanged One in the deck. Here Fanny sits in a carriage. She is leaving the comfortable and stable home of Mansfield Park. She is sent away by Sir Thomas, at whose house she stayed for a long time, who cared for her as she is a poor family member. Fanny has turned down a rich suitor, much to the dislike of Sr. Thomas and now she is being sent temporary back home to her poor family. She is sad, but also looking forward going there. When she arrives it is not easy for Fanny there, there is only one family member, she has an emotional connection with. But, when in the end she goes back she returns as a different person, learned a lot from her experiences. Mind you, she did not marry the rich suitor on coming back, that was the expectation of Sr. Thomas; Fanny married someone she really loved. 


Fanny Price and William Price, depicted on yesterday’s and today’s card, are siblings. There is a big difference between them. You could say they show different strategies. William Price is escaping from poverty by joining the British Navy, expecting to make his fortune. He is outward going with that. Fanny Price represents an inner journey (she is also the Hanged One) and the longing for integrity. That I picked them both on days following each other, must have a reason. 


The soul-bird in me is not interested in making a fortune, or in teaching many classes, maybe not even in a tiring-amount of-enthusiasm (but I am not sure of that), all the things William Price represented for me yesterday. Not that these are bad things, not at all The card represented a fire that burns in my life, and there needs to be a fire in our life. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach this much, and I enjoy it. The soul bird though sings of something else. It sings of the importance of an inner journey and retreat. 

I think I got these cards one after another because there needs to be a balance between them. The outward journey of success and enthusiasm needs to be balanced by retreat and inner journeys, to give me breath. This is as far my understanding goes. 

On August 27 and on September 1  2006 I also reflected on the soul, on the innocence of my soul. I received a same sort of card, Four of Cups from the Golden Tarot of the Tsars (pictured is Elijah); being bored and a need to go inwards. 
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