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Chanukah Spread: Card 1, Chaim - Life, Home Making

Inspired by the first card of the Chanukah spread which answered “How to celebrate life”, I changed our living room yesterday afternoon. I had pulled Maiden of Coins, depicting Charlotte Lucas from Pride and Prejudice, who loves a comfy home. 


My husband coen_wessel    and I took a comfortable chair out of my study and we brought it downstairs to put it into the living room. For years we miss a fourth chair in the corner we sit in. Now we have one.

We have a big cupboard standing in our living room. On top of it we put drawings of my daughter and all our wrapping paper. It did not look good, and it irritated me for a long time, so I stored it somewhere else. I also cleaned out all our windowsills on which lots of magazines and letters were stacked.

I put things away that I should have put away ages ago: a little coffin with maps was standing on the floor somewhere for a year now, I took that to our storeroom. I also brought a lamp to the attic that had not worked for ages. A big thing was storing my daughters’ Barbie’s in her room under her bed, because that meant acknowledging that she grows bigger and bigger.

As a finishing touch I laid a nice cloth over our dinner table, which is old and ugly, made our altar in the atmosphere of Saint Nicolas, put candles on our lounge table, and even lighted them. 
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