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The Green Knight

I asked the question: "Who am I today" and then pulled a card from the Fairytale Tarot. I received the Knight of Coins, titled: "Gawain and the Green Knight". 

I have been to Kitty today, a Cesar-therapist. She encouraged my blogging, not that I was planning to stop, but well, I felt encouraged. She thinks that stopping will give me more fibro-pains (definitly not true!) She calls it 'fibromyalgy'. I almost never call my handicap fibro, but RSI. I do not want to have fibro. (I know I am in denial here; the truth is that not only my arms hurt, but more body-parts, it just began with my arms because of typing, that ís called RSI, and I must say, that is my biggest burden.) Kitty, this Cesar-therapist, is great. She taught me to write by hand, two and a half years ago, and I am endlessly grateful for that. And who knows, maybe I can learn working with the computer again!

The tale that goes along with this card, tells about Gawain, a knight who figures in the stories about King Arthur. Gawain accepts a challenge from the so called "Green Knight". The challenge is that Gawain beheads this knight, and next year on the same day, Gawain self will be beheaded by the Green Knight, if all goes as it should.

The Knight of Coins is trustworthy, practical and follows routines.

Just like Gawain I accept a challenge when I work on the computer. I think I can answer to this challenge, and 'win' this challenge, if I set new routines, and get used to them, like resting my hands relaxed on my key-bord during the typing, and not lifting my fingers while using the mouse (hard).

Well, Gawain won his contest, he is not beheaded by the Green Knight the next year; who knows what will happen to me!
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