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Chanukah Spread: Card 7, Aleph - Silence

I have pulled a card for the seventh position of the Chanukah spread. This position is based on the A – Aleph, the Sound of Silence. The question is: What do I hear in the silence, or how can I listen for it?”

The card that came to the table is Nine of Coins from the Tarot of Jane Austen. Depicted is Mr. Woodhouse from Emma. Mr. Woodhouse loves safety and comfort. He is always worried about getting ill. Outside Hartfield, his house, are lurking all sorts of dangers for that. His home is his castle, and nothing is more important than that. Serentiy, home and health are the priorities of the Nine of Coins, says Diane Wilkes in the book along the cards.


I laughed when I pulled this card. The moment I am silent, I worry about my health, just as Mr. Woodhouse does, although he does not hear his worries in the silence, but outside his beloved Heartland. I hear my worries in the silence. I am much comfortable with myself, my pains and the sounds in my ears when I am on the move, preparing lessons, teach classes or even going to the supermarket for groceries. I long for silence and serenity, but it is hard to live it (a recurring theme). A stable and secure home is important to me too (to everybody I presume) and that is also a theme of the card, that is something too that I can hear in the silence.  

I choose this spread because the positions could be read easily separated from each other. The spread develops in a different way. The cards fit together nicely: this is the third card about ‘home’ I have received. The first card, Maiden of Coins (the answer to the manner I celebrate life) and the fourth card, Ten of Cups (gift of the universe), had this same theme.      
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