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Chanukah Spread: Card 8, H - Being Present

Today I have pulled the eighth card in the Chanukah spread, called “H – Hay – The Sound of being present.” The question is: How can I be more present in my life, to my family, partner and children? 

I have drawn the World from the Jane Austen Tarot on which Emma and Mr. Knightley are pictured on the day of their marriage. 


To begin with, this is a very positive card. Being more present in my life and family is not depicted as a great burden. The World speaks of success, happiness feeling free, and fulfilling your longterm goals. All this things are there despite or because of restrictions and boundaries. My problem is that I do not find it easy to divide my attention between work and family. That has been an important issue in the last months. I need a balance. Looking at this card I think I can be more present to my family by directing myself more towards them (the figures on the card look at each other); but I am quite aware that I need freedom too. One of the card’s themes is feeling free inside boundaries. I need both the work and the family to feel free. I would be unhappy without my family to go back to and to enjoy; I would be unhappy if I did not have the work. They function as a 'boundary' for each other. Since it is such a happy card, I might need not worry too much about it.

Yet again a card about home and family, the fourth card about this theme in this spread. The first card, Maiden of Coins (the answer to the manner I celebrate life) and the fourth card, Ten of Teacups (gift of the universe), had this same theme and also yesterdays' card, Nine of Coins (what I hear in the silence).             
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