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Psalm 119, the Chariot

Yesterday I have been to Amsterdam for the last lesson in the course about Psalm 119 seen as a spiritual road. Just as last time my trip to La Verna was interesting. I walked from the train into the city in a parade of pupils from all over the country on their way to protest against the manner their hours are organized in the school. A protest of pupils (12-17) is rare in Holland. There were many cups on mountain bikes, on normal bikes, in vans, and walking. They were all friendly, but I saw the vans usually used for rioting too. The authorities were afraid of rioting, because that happened earlier, but it did not happen yesterday. It was all planned an organized very well. I went very early to the center and I took another tram to be sure not to be held up by the mass of protesters.

I was afraid a part of the homework for the course this time would have been too confronting. They were asked to reach out in meditation to a shadow of themselves (or from the sacred) and take it’s hand (it belonged to the Lovers) in order to acknowledge it and take a step to accept it. I need not have worried. They did a great job, and I could have known that, seeing how they participated earlier. In some cases it was very moving what they had discovered and done with their shadows. To round it up each made a 'three card drawing" in this last lesson which had the chariot as its theme (I nearly succumbed under the tools that I had taken with me), and by writing a prayer (or wish). As always we ended by saying these aloud.

What I really liked about this course was its ‘step’ character. Each Major Arcane Card and each stanza symbolized a step on an individual spiritual way. We did seven cards in three lessons and we did not pull many cards. The steps invited to look back and relate the cards that were pulled, and that was made possible because there were not so many cards. 
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