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First Sunday of Advent

I remember that pulling the first card for Advent last year and not putting it in my blog. There was a reason for it although I cannot remember it, I changed the theme of entry or something like that. I regretted it all Advent. I do not want to have that again. Before my other entry about the first Sunday of Advent I picked another card. That card was inspired by a prayer in the calendar for Advent I follow here during Advent, but I could grasp why that was the theme of the day, so I choose another theme for my entry. The subject of the prayer was opening the door for people in need.

The question for which I pulled the card is: How does God help me opening my door for people in need?

I have received the most beautiful Ace of Swords I’ve ever encountered as an answer to this question. It comes from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. 


An fairy looks at a sword that is standing next to her. She might be contemplating picking it up or not. A sword has two cutting edges. Swords symbolize the power of thought: sharp, decisive, analytical, and clear. An Ace is always a gift.

Applied to my question: God helps me to open my door by giving me the power of thought that enables me to choose and decide to whom I open the door. I find the element of freedom important in the card. The fairy can choose to pick up the sword, to open the door, or not. By the power of thought I am enabled to choose.

There is another element of relevance here. People in need do not always need a sympathetic ear. Sometimes they need the power of taking their life in their own hands, and make decisions and break with old behavior patterns in order to make their life a better place. That is the power of the sword as well. 
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