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First Monday of Advent, Devils Play

Theme for this Advent day is faith (Mt 8:5-11). There is a Jewish legend which tells that the Red Sea did not first part when Moses stretched out his hand. Only when the first person jumped into the sea, the miracle happened.

The prayer of today is: God, be with me when I take the risks that faith requires.
This prayer inspired the two following question (too curious, therefore two questions).

1.What is the risk that faith requires (right now)?
2.How is God with me in that risk?

For the risk that faith requires I pulled Devils Play (the Devil) from the Voyager Tarot. Devils Play is the risk taking card in the Voyager Tarot. It tells me to live life to the full, to be unconventional, different, break traditions and have a high time. Having humor, that is important too on this card.

For the second question, how God is with me when I take that risk, I have pulled Two of Crystals, called Equanimity. God is with me as calmness; he helps me to stay clear, and distance myself to gain clarity.

Interesting, I faith requires me to take a leap from the rings of Saturn into a chaotic, ecstatic universe without boundaries, and in that God is there to help me to gain clarity, and stay distanced. 
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