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First Tuesday of Advent, Be As the Children

The prayer of the day is inspired by Luke 10:21-24 in which Jesus thanks God for giving his revelations to children and hid them for the wise and understanding. Scripture is as always surprising. Most of my time, and possibly a great deal of the time of my readers as well, is spent on serious things. Would it not be wonderful to have more laughter and non-seriousness in our lives?
Having fun joy and laughter that belongs to children. They even do it in pretty serious situations. The world does not always love children, their play, their liveliness, and noisiness. But God loves children; they are the first to enter the Kingdom.
The prayer is: "Lord of Joy, enliven my heart!" My question, inspired by the prayer is: How does God help me to enliven my heart?
The answer came from the Victorian Romantic Tarot as the Four of Swords. 


On the card a young woman is soundly asleep. The image card appears to be in contradiction with liveliness, but rest, recuperation, retreat and quietness will enliven my heart.
Tags: advent 2007, four of swords, victorian romantic tarot
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