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Incredimail - Vassilisa the Beautiful

My card for today, which I pulled from the Fairytale Tarot with the question "Who am I today?" was Page of Wands, titled "Vassilisa the Beautiful". Vasilisa, a motherless girl, is being guided through the difficulties in her life by a puppet which her mother gave her when she died. 


Today I installed Incredi-mail, a playful mail-program; I like that, sending e-mails with nice pictures on it. To install programs is new for me. It took me hours and hours. My friend Sophie guided me on the phone through all the perils and pitfalls of installing this program. Just as Vassilisa I was being guided.

'Being guided' belongs to the fairytale, (but well, pages need guidance); 'starting new things', and 'being enthusiast' are a few of the meanings of the Page of Wands. They all fitted me today!
Tags: fairytale tarot, page of wands, who am i today
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