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No Prayer-a-Day

I would have liked to have some time off to do the Prayer-a-Day for Advent today. I could not find the time. I had a meeting this morning, I’ve scanned in cards during the afternoon , leafed through Waite packs to stack in lost cards, did some edit work on the Twelve Days of Christmas material, searched for a Victorian New Year Card for my website and devoted time to my daughter. This is the card I have found for the website: 


Often days are like that and blogging late in the evening helps usually to put the day away, but I am going to Belgium tomorrow for a workshop on Psalms and tarot and I need to go to sleep. I am looking forward to it. The evening before -which is tomorrow- I have dinner out in Gent with the person I stay with, and we will be doing a reading for her at her house. Her house is at a very special place: on the border of the river Schelde, in a village with the wonderful name of "Schellebelle". 
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