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Reading Psalms with Tarot in Belgium

Back from Belgium. I forgot my passport. I realized it just before the next stop of the train, still close to home but I decided not to go back and collect it. I was so nervous when we crossed the border but no one came and ask for it. I already made up nightmare like Nine-of- Swords schemes if they’d caught me and I was sent back, for I had to get my workshop going the next day. It made me very happy I did not have to show it.

I’ve only been away for 33 hours, a very short time. I have pain in my arms. There were no tables and chairs in the room. We found some (a big relief) and I had to help carrying, because there were just the two of us to make everything ready. The place we stayed was not well cared for, and the vacuum cleaner was out of order. Luckily the person who was responsible for the workshop had taken little things with her, a green plant, some candles, incense and one remarkable thing, a spray with ethereal oil, called ‘Zen’, which worked miracles for the atmosphere. Together with a Zen-like altar which we made with the plant, candles and the incense, it became a room that felt as a nice place to be in.

Already at the start of the workshop I heard the train personnel were on strike. I just hoped that they would let the international trains pass. I found out they did, but not every train. I had a ride from Gent to Antwerp and the person who drove me was very friendly, offered me to stay with her for the night in case the train did not come. But I was lucky, I only had to wait one hour and twenty minutes. Others, who were already there, were waiting much, much longer.

The workshop went well. Great group. Very nice to hear the verses of the psalms we worked with being read in Flemish. It sounds much more melodious and softer than in Dutch.
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