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Second Sunday of Advent

Advent is a period of expectation, we expect the arrival of Christ. This expectation of Advent does not mean waiting, but actively preparing for the coming of the Messiah. It is meant to make us active in changing our lives for the better.

One of the central characters of Advent, who shows this kind of expectation is John the Baptist. He announces the coming of Christ. He sees it as his task to clear his path so that he can come. He preaches his coming and he baptizes people. By deeds and words he fulfills the prophecy of Isaiah: 'Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight'. He asks the people of his time to prepare for the coming of Christ and he asks us to to the same as a character the liturgical year. 


The prayer of today is: “Help me take the steps to get ready, Lord, for your new arrival in my life.”

The question I asked the tarot inspired by this prayer is: How can I take the steps to get ready for the arrival of Christ in my life? I’ve used the Voyager Tarot and I received Three of Crystals, called Creativity. 


Firstly, I can get ready for the arrival of Christ by using a gift, my creativity. Secondly, since there is so many happening under the ground, a myriad of colors, and gems, from which not so much comes to the surface, the card might also suggest that I speak up if necessary, and not hide in myself, or worry too much about what I might have said wrong. 
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