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Rosh Chodesh November, Looking Back

It is Rosh Chodesh, the Jewish Festival of the New Moon. A month ago I pulled a card for what I could renew in that coming month. I pulled Strength from the Tarot of Jane Austen. Back then I assumed the card would apply to the balance between work and family. And it did, but in the last week a conflict came up in which I had to steer my wheel. To put it in the symbols of the RWS card, I needed to find the strength of the lion but not the fierce and uncontrolled power of it. What I renewed was the experience in finding the balance between these two. It is experience of seeking this balance here that is important.  


I started Rosh Chodesh with a prayer; now I end it with a prayer.
Dear God, thank you for your moon, 
the Sjechina, your presence among us.
Thank you for the opportunity of renewal, 
and for my experience of renewal of this month. 
Tags: rosh chodesh, strength, tarot of jane austen

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