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Friday, Second Week of Advent, Stories

Stories were the subject of yesterdays’ prayer and since it is now after 12 o'clock, it was the subject of the day before yesterday. I started with an entry yesterday eveing, but stopped right in the middle of it, because I was too tired. Again I am tired, but I do not want to miss out on it.

As I said, stories were the subject of yesterday. When my daughter goes to bed I read a story for her, and before lunch we read a story too; fairytales, myths or stories that belong to the season.

Now I make a big leap, towards us as humans. You could say that we humans are living stories. The lives we live are stories, all different tales. Elie Wiesel says that the reason God created is that God loves stories.

The prayer of today is the question for my tarot card: “God, author of life, show me today how my story fits into your Story.

I have pulled Nine of Stones (Nine of Pentacles) from the Arthurian Tarot. A circle of animals stand protective round a grey stone in a wood. The card symbolizes safety for me and protection, not only from this realm, but also by the divine. "Presence" is a word that belongs to this card also. I love this card, there is probably not a card I love more. 


When Moses stood near the burning bush, God called himself by his/her name, I do not repeat the name here, but the name means “I will be there”. This is a promise, the promise of Gods presence, in good and bad situations. My longing for protection and safety, which is quite shaken sometimes, fits in the promise of God that he/she will be there for me. This is the way my story fits in Gods' Story.      
Tags: advent 2007, arthurian tarot, nine of pentacles

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