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Sadko - Human Love

It is quiet here. For the first time in days I do not hear a familiar tapping on the ground above my head, and the vague sound of Leonard Cohen in my ears while writing my blog. For a few days a friend of us stayed in our house as a guest. He takes some time- out from his family, and has no place to stay. Now he is gone off to stay with someone else.  We had fun together, and of course it was sad sometimes. Often he played Leonard Cohen in his room, and tapped his foot on the floor along with the music. 

My husband and I went out to eat Italian tonight. We have had some late and bad nights with little sleep. Therefore we just loved sitting at our small table, enjoying our pizzas. 


I picked a Page again, this time the Page of Cups. I pulled the card from the Fairytale Tarot with the question "Who am I today?"

It is relief en relaxation what I see in this card on this day, and the joy of simply being together.

The tale is about "Sadko". He loves his wife more than the lovely fae's in the version of the story Karen Mahony uses, so in a way this card is a tribute to human love.
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