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Twelve Days

Today I went again to La Verna in Amsterdam for the Twelve Days of Christmas and tarot. It snowed a tiny bit, which gave the atmosphere a Christmas feeling. No fear for a falling baby Jesus this time: I made an extra knot in the wires of my trolley. I also left some books at home, which was pity, but now I could carry a smaller rucksack which I did not have to put in the luggage storage above my head.

I had put up a stable from paper, and the scent in the room was lovely because I had two burners with essential oils: orange, clove and sandalwood. We ended with saying aloud our wishes for the New Year. I have never done that as an ending. It felt quite powerful. Tomorrow I’ll do it again.

On the way to Amsterdam I made a beginning with creating a spread themed after A Christmas Carol from Dickens. The words are beautiful and the story is well composed. It was a wonderful read. I am not altogether satisfied with my spread. It needs some work.
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