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Winter Solstice

It snowed a little bit today, and there was hoar-frost on the trees. They were all white. It gave this Winter Solstice day a beautiful atmosphere. I extra enjoyed it, because I was in the woods for some time.

Since it is the Winter Solstice, the longest night and the shortest day of the year my question of today comes from a spread by Christine Jette “Solstice Light” from her Book Tarot for all Seasons. The subject of the question is Returning Hope, and the question is: What are your hopeful about? 


I have pulled the card Change, Eight of Worlds, from the Voyager Tarot. The four seasons are depicted on this card. The card is about change, not change in a hurried fashion, but slow change, as in seasons. My eyes keep going to the left part of the card, the part of the winter, and the blue, watery earth that is hanging there. That could be so because I am tired right now, I need rest. The burning sun would be too much for me now. I think I need to sleep on it. That sounds bad does not it, not immediately recognizing what I am hopeful about! 
Tags: eight of pentacles, solstice, voyager tarot

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