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Frostbite is on the trees today again, all is white. The millers from the mill nearby our house are baking doughnut balls. It all gives the surroundings of our house an atmosphere of Christmas. 


Yesterday I have drawn a card to celebrate the returning light from the Winter Solstice. The question was: “What are you hopeful about?” I pulled Eight of Worlds from the Voyager Tarot called Change. I could not grasp the meaning of the card at first. But I know now. The card represents change, natural change, the change of the seasons that are depicted on the card. I do not like change. My daughter goes to a secondary school next year and who knows what will change more. My hope is I adapt to these changes, so much that it I do not feel them as changes, but just as a happy course of life. 
Tags: eight of pentacles, solstice, voyager tarot

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