ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Too early

Yesterday my friend and neighbor mailed if she could come for a coffee around ten today. Well yes, I mailed back. The supermarket (Alberth Heyn) is already open on seven. ‘You are going there at seven?’ she mailed back. ‘No’, answered, ‘I woke op at a quarter after seven today, thinking that it was already open, but I was a day too early.’ And I told her that I was very impressed with the early opening. Half an hour later she mailed back that the Golff, the supermarket she always gets her groceries, offered breakfeast at seven. We have an appointment there at seven, no, at five past seven, so that I can take a look inside the Albert Heyn on my way to the Golf supermarket.

But right now it is six o’clock in the morning. We have put an old alarm clock on my side of the bed, because my husband  coen_wessel preaches the Christmas Night service tonight and cannot be woken up so early in the morning. The alarm clock went off an hour to early. No idea what happened. 
Tags: christmas, coen

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