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Inner Child Course

Yesterday my friend and colleague and me did a lot of work on the Tarot-and-dreams project. All sorts of versions are stacked in several computers, and we did not know anymore which were the right ones. We sorted through them, and renamed them, and did a lot of typing as well (she did).

Thus that is coming along fine, which is a relief, but I have this nagging feeling about my course about the Inner Child in the mental health care. I do not study on it. I must sit down and read, and I do not do it. So I pulled a card from the Inner Child Cards with the question: "What will help with my study for this course"? 


I pulled 10 of Crystals (the earth suit in the Inner Child Cards). All the gifts of the earth suit are present in the 10 of this suit. A very wealthy card. Sometimes it is a bit of a stuffy card, cramped with people and pentacles, but here in this version there is a window which brings in fresh daylight.

It will help me if I see this course as a gift,  which I only need to unwrap. In addition to this, it will help if I make my room comfortable and cosy to work in, and looking out the window sometimes, will do no harm. 
Tags: dream, inner child cards, ten of pentacles

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