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Holy Night

Coen is writing the last words of his sermon for tonight. I finished my spread inspired by the Christmas Carol and tinkelbelletje has put it already on my website (in Dutch). We are waiting for the Christmas night service.

The wonderful thing about tarot is that it can apply the big words of the Christian tradition on our own lives. The prayer of today contains some of these big words: “Radiant Dawn, splendor of eternal light, sun of justice: Shine on us!" My question is: How does God shine on me? Using the Victorian Romantic Tarot, I have pulled Ten of Cups.

On the card a mother holds a new born baby and shows it.It is a wonderful card to receive on Christmas night. 


Gods light is around me as the light of the child of Christmas that is born tonight. 


This evening this child is represented by a doll of my daughter, wrapped in a tea towel.

God shines his light differently on each of us. For each of us are different presents. Ten of Cups is called the ‘Happy Family’ card. My light and my gift is besides the child of Christmas, is my family. Gods light shines in the love I receive from them. They are a challenge sometimes, but foremost a joy. 

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