ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Spreads for Christmas

On my website there are several spreads for Christmas. They are in all Dutch.  


Firstly there is "Klein, Klein Jezuken", a spread based on a sweet lullaby for baby Jesus, coming from the German tradition of "kindje-wiegen"; a service in which baby Jesus is rocked in a cradle by children or choirboys.

Furthermore there is a spread inspired by A Christmas Carol by Dickens. This is spread is about the spririt of Christmas, and is quite challenging, in the sense that it asking for change to bring the spririt of Christmas in.

Lastly there is a spread called "The Angel of December". This is a spread with an imagination/visualization in which you go back to the night when Jesus was born to bring your problems to the stable and their inhabitants, Jesus, Maria Joseph, the ox and the donkey, to give you the help you need. Your can hear this imagination; it is recorded (starting with very soft music)

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