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Holy Night

Yesterday a thirteen year old girl, Valentina Toth, played the piano in the service of Holy Night. Since she knows my daughter and our house is next to the church, she changed clothes here. I heard both girls talking in my daughters’ room. They talked as girls of that age do. Their subject was addiction I remember, how you could be addicted to virtually everything, a theme picked up from a program on television this week. Just before the service began we got our piano stool from the house, because the one in church was too high for her.

Then, in the service, she started to play on the piano. She played Grieg. It sounded joyful and sad, it cried, was angry, stern and shy. It had an emotional depth and intensity unheard of. 

There are paintings of the Nativity in which Jesus is depicted as a tiny grown up and sometimes the cradle looks like a tomb. In a way Jesus is a baby because he lies in a cradle as babies do, but at the same time he is a grown man. These paintings reflect Jesus’ wisdom, his ability to heal and they point to the suffering in his life. In one of the stories in the Gospels Jesus teaches in the temple at the age of twelve. As a child Jesus teaches grown ups. 


Hearing this music in church, it was as we were in that temple of more than thousands years ago, being taught by this girl of thirteen years old.
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