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Dreams in the Twelve Days of Christmas

Dreams are important in the "Twelve Days of Christmas", or in the "Thirteen Holy Nights" as the followers of Steiner call this period.

I dreamt that in order to escape from a dangerous man I jumped in a deep canal with black water. I also dreamt that I killed a fetus that was with me in a womb, feeling very guilty about this upon waking. The theme of the Twelve Days of yesterday protecting the vulnerable, the coloring of the Ace of Sword with its penetrating Sword and the grayish, blackish background brought these dreams on. They helped me recognize my fear for violence, the violent parts in me, and my instincts for survival.   


coen_wessel dreamt that a colleague of him preached on a corner using little objects that she showed. When he woke up he decided to use some objects in a burial service of a mentally retarded woman, possesions that were important to her. The power of dreams! 
Tags: ace of swords, dream, ma'at tarot, twelve days of christmas 2007

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