ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Feast of the Holy Innocents

Tonight I lighted a purple candle in honor of the Feast of the Holy Innocents.

I was not here today. I was in Amsterdam with my mother and daughter. We shopped for clothes for my daughter all day and drank loads of coffee. The day ended with famous Flemish chips seated on a bench at the Rokin, a big street in Amsterdam near the train station. Before that we had a coffee in Himalaya, a new age shop near the Rokin, (I hoped it would be not so busy there) looking out at the water near the Rokin. My mother, eighty years old, did very, very well all day. She actually walked more briskly than Lauren and me did. It was an awesome experience going to the Cool Cat, a shop for youngsters with loud music and to the Bijenkorf, a ladylike bazaar, with the three of us.
Tags: lauren, twelve days of christmas

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