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Twelve Days of Christmas, Fifth Day, "Bringing in the Boar"

The fifth day in the Twelve Days of Christmas is called “Bringing in the Boar”, after an old English tradition. Probably in earlier days a boar was slaughtered in this time of year for meat, but also as an offering for a happy new year. 


The spread of this day is meant to look back and to honor the events that have passed this year, the issues you tried to tackle, successfully or not. The spread is heavy influenced by the ‘Room spread’ from Trish MacGregor and Phillis Vega in Power Tarot. The spread consists of 7 cards, and is based on the different rooms of a house. You need to pull a card for each room in your house and every room has a different theme. 

Spread of the Old Year
Card 1. Front door: What came new into your life this year?
Card 2. Living room: How was your home life this year?
Card 3. Study: How did you fare with your work, study or hobby?
Card 4. Bedroom: This card gives an image of your restfulness this year
Card 5. Kitchen: Health: How was your health this year?
Card 6. Back door: What has left out of your life this year?
Card 7. Hallways: (connect all the rooms) What is the main theme of this year? 

At a closure you can honor and dedicate your year to your favorite deity by saying something as the following, while burning incense:
I lay down my Old Year.
The events string together
like a string of pearls,
valuable in my hands.
I give them over,
they go up with the smoke.
What is done, is done.
What happened is happened.
May it be for You,
and bear fruit. 

I have pulled one card for this entry, card 7, the card for the hallways that shows the main theme of my past year. This card was Strength, also my Year Card for 2007. 


In the Inner Child Cards Strength is pictured as Beauty and the Beast. On the card they are sitting next to each other on a bench. Strength was indeed my theme for this year. I needed to control my passions in not to work too much, giving time to my family. I also needed the serenity of the Beauty to conquer angst. To my shock I became sick and utterly weak by what probably was a severe sinusitis for more than two months. Several times I pulled the Six of Swords during those times, not as a card that showed that I would reach the other side, but experiencing the card as a sinking ship that showed my anxiety. I needed the strength of the Beast to get well again.

Strength was also the theme in the choice for my treatment. I was treated by a homeopath, and that is not the usual choice when it takes such a long time to get well. Towards the end of the year I became involved in a conflict which touched me deeply and in which needed to use my strength and at the same needed to steer my wheel carefully.

Now I lay down the Old Year
and I go forwards to the new.
What happened is happened, what I did is done.
For what I did wrong I ask forgiveness.
May all what I did ans happened be for You and bear fruit.
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